Clutch Cable / Wire, Release Bearing / Clutch Cylinder
Clutch Set OES (Clutch Plate + Pressure Plate) Replacement
Free Pickup & Drop
Clutch Oil, Gear Oil Additional
Opening & Fitting of Clutch Set
Clutch Set, Clutch Bearing, Clutch Cable / Wire,Clutch Cylinder
Automatic Transmission Clutch rates may vary
Flywheel OES Replacement
Spare Part Price Only
Free Pickup & Drop
Inner Door Latch Mechanism Part Replacement
Outside Door Handle Cost Additional ( If Needed )
Free Pickup & Drop
OES Spare Part Cost Only
Paint/Trim Cost Additional
Pressure Washing
Every 6 Months (Recommended)
Rubbing with 3M™ Compound
Tyre Dressing and Alloy Polishing
3M™ Wax Polishing
Opening & Fitting of Front Bumper
Front Bumper Replacement (Black Colour)
Paint Cost Addtional
Brackets, Grills, Cladding Additional
Free Pickup & Drop